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Chimpanzee trekking and Canopy walk to one the oldest tropical Rain forest in Africas Nyungwe National Park


TRAIL TREK AFRICA is a travel and tour organization that was formed in 2020. We hope to provide innovative and exciting travel solutions in  Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We have established ourselves in the thriving tourism, conservation and community development in the region. We are specialized particularly in the wider Virunga massif by engaging in complete travel solutions. The three countries have amazing tourist attractions that we hope to explore with you, while our major aim is to provide you with premier services as you enjoy exciting experience. The Virunga massif and the whole of the Great Lakes region is an adventurer’s ultimate dream from the ancient times to present day. You can make this your dreams, and with us your dream comes true.

With our dedicated services, you are going to have the opportunity to visit this region of iconic primates like the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat and roam the nature’s wander where we still have pristine plants reigning supreme. Why not visit wherever you want to go and choose the best services offered by Trail Trek Africa? We specialize also in offering outbound tours to all major destinations in East and Central Africa. As part of extensive range of services we provide to our esteemed clients, you have the chance to be offered special interest tours like religious pilgrimage, forest excursions and boundless adventures. You can also look out for East and central Africa archeological tours, customized conferences, institutional tours, picnics and excursions for schools, colleges and corporate tours. We have an honest commitment to serve our clients with the optimal services they can hope for throughout our areas of operation. We also have the commitment to offer more innovative experience in the travel and tourism industry within the three countries we are currently operating in. You can book with us today or contact us if you want to know more.

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